Sunday, 2 September 2012


“Garlic sauce”

A common garnish for Romanian grilled meats, mici (skinless sausages), barbecued chicken, and other such things. No really need for a recipe here, it’s simply garlic (let’s say 4 cloves) crushed into a bowl (or a mortar) and mixed with a little salt, then beaten well with a drizzle of oil (sunflower usually – olive oil generally isn’t recommended) until you get a chunky paste. You then pour in a little water (about 100ml) and perhaps a little lemon juice (not too much), mix, pour into a serving bowl, and serve. Occasionally I’ve seen people use smantana (sour cream) instead of water to get a thicker, richer sauce. The most important thing, however, is to make sure that either everyone eats it, or nobody eats it!

Not sure if it’s true (nobody seems to know for sure) but the name is said to come from the French “mousse d’ail”.

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