I love to collect cookery books and I thought it might be useful and interesting to make a list of books on Romanian cuisine and talk a little about the people who wrote them.

Radu Anton Roman - 1948-2005 - Journalist, writer, TV presenter, hunter, fisherman, poet.
  • “Bucate, vinuri si obiceiuri romanesti” (1998) - One of the most popular books on Romania cusine in recent times. "Romanian dishes, wines, and custums" covers contempory Romanian culinary habits, focusing largely on regional food that is still cooked today in the towns and villages of Romania, as well as covering local wines and culinary customs. READ REVIEW HERE ENGLISH EDITION HERE
Sanda Marin (Cecilia Maria Simionescu) - 1900-1961 - Cook and author.
  • "Carte de Bucate" (1936) - One of the most important cookery books in Romanian gastronomic history, Carte de Bucate originally contained around 10'000 recipes. Today it is more commonly found in an abridged version of around 1500 recipes. This is the cookbook most cooks will have and it contains many traditional Romanian recipes, contempory recipes from other country, and some recipes of her own invention. ENGLISH EDITION HERE
Alexandru Osvald Teodoreanu ('Pastorel' Teodoreanu) - (1894-1964) - Writer, poet, and lawyer.
  • "De Re Culinaria" (cc. 1977) - A collection of food-related articles, poems and recipes written by 'Pastorel' during the inter-war period and published in various newspapers, journals, and magazines. Not so much a recipe book as a collect of thoughts and ideas on gastronomy by the renowned auther, garnished with the ocassional recipes or instruction.
  • "Gastronomice" (1973) - Another collection of Teodoreanu's writings with articles on various types of food, on wines and other drinks, and a good selection of recipes. READ REVIEW HERE
Mihai Kogalniceanu (1817-1891) & Constantin Negruzzi (1808-1868) - Politicians, writers.
  • "200 Retete Cercate de Bucate, Prajituri si Alte Trebi Gospodaresti" (1841) - Considered to be one of the first Romanian cookery books. The two writers were both from wealthy families and had travels widely in Europe. On their return to Romania they put together this collection of two hundred recipes called "200 Tried and Test Recipes for Dishes, Pastries, and Other Household Things". The recipes it contains are more representitive of the well-travelled upper classes.
Silvia Jurcovan
  • "Carte de Bucate" (cc. 1983) - This seems to be one of the more popular cookery books for later generations of Romanians and is still in print today. A mixture of popular Romanian classics and more modern dishes, mostly making use of all of the raw ingredients most commonly found in the country. I've discovered nothing about the author, however.
Constantin Bacalbasa (1856-1935) - Politician, writer, journalist.
  • "Dictatura gastronomica" (1934) - I haven't been able to pick up a copy of this book yet but from what I've read it mostly covers popular dishes of the inter-war years when Romanian food was influenced by western culture, Bucharest at the time being itself known as 'Little Paris'.
  • "O lume într-o carte de bucate: Manuscris din epoca brâncovenească" - A compilation of recipes from a 17th century set of manuscripts from the period of Constantin Brancoveanu, leader of southern Romania.
Nicolae Colea Olexiuc - Head chef and prolific cookbook writer
  • "1800 Retete Culinare Practice" (1986) - A huge tome of 500 plus pages containing 1800 recipes, including information on making your own country wines, preserving, and smoking, as well as many typical Romanian favourites and variations.